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Pukekohe Service Centre

Contact information

Franklin Family Support Services Building
2 King St
Pukekohe 2120

Phone: (09) 238 6233

Fax: (09) 238 3891

Email: pukekohe@heartlandservices.govt.nz

Name of Coordinator: Rebecca Clarke

Hours of opening: Mon - Fri 9.00am – 4.00pm

These following Heartland Services are available by appointment. Please contact Rebecca who will arrange a time to suit.

Services available by appointment

  • Age Concern - Advice and support on concerns or matters relating to the elderly 2nd Monday of each month
  • Smoking Cessation – on request
  • Workbridge – Employment placement service for people with disabilities or injuries - on request
  • WorkFocus – on request
  • Labour Department - 1st Friday of each month 
  • Maori Land Court - Advisory services/enquiries on Maori Land issues (1st Thursday of each month)
  • Franklin Family Support Services
    • Counselling
    • Transport to Medical Appointments
    • Family Finance Advice
  • Early Years Services Hub
  • English Lessons
  • Family Finances
  • Justice of Peace
  • Legal Services
  • Onsite Counselling
  • Parenting Programmes
  • Social Work
  • Strengthening Families
  • Transport

Your Heartland Services Coordinator has information available about the following agencies and services. Please contact Rebecca Clarke for more information.

Additional Services and Information

The Heartland centre has information/brochures/application forms of other government departments e.g Immigration, Internal Affairs, Labour department, Statistics of New Zealand, Electoral Enrolment, Community Law Centre, Māori Land Court, Ministry of Justice, Studylink, Te Puni Kōkiri, Child, Youth & Family, Epilepsy etc. or can be downloaded from their websites. Local social services information is also available. A public phone is available to ring through to 0800 numbers. Relevant documents could also be photocopied or faxed to government departments.

Support Services for Children, Young People and Their Families

Strengthening Families is a multi-agency partnership which is aimed at helping children, young persons and families/whānau who are involved with several agencies, but whose problems persist.

It does this by bringing together the family and helping services, to make sure that the right agencies are providing the right services to meet the needs of the family.

Thus, Strengthening Families meetings may include any of a wide range of Government departments and community organisations and includes the schools, the health service (community and mental health), Group Special Education (Ministry of Education), Housing New Zealand Corporation, Child Youth & Family, Police, Inland Revenue, Child Support, ACC, Work and Income, Community Probation Services, District Councils, Presbyterian Support Services and Te Puni Kōkiri Services.

If you know of a family who could be helped through Strengthening Families, you can contact:

Louise Edwards
Strengthening Families Co-ordinator for Franklin District

2 King St

Pukekohe 2120

Phone: (09) 238 6233

Fax:  (09) 238 3891

Website: Strengthening Families.