Services near you

Most Heartland Service Centres are located in their own premises; some are hosted in existing government or community premises. You can be assured the Heartlands service will be confidential and independent in these co-hosted centres.

Each centre's onsite coordinator can help you with:

  • face to face meetings - arranging an appointment with visiting representatives from a range of government agencies
  • access to government websites - free access is provided
  • phone assistance - access is provided to toll-free government phonelines

Find your local Service

Find out where your nearest centre is and see what services it offers, including when different agencies visit.

If you would like to meet with a representative from an agency please talk to the centre coordinator.  They may also be able to organise a special visit by an agency representative not normally listed to visit your area. The coordinator can also help you access resources and information via the internet or over the phone. 

Your local Heartland Service will not offer a service if an agency has its own office in your community.

Select your region on the map or choose from the list of locations to find more information:

Map of New Zealand. Northland / Auckland region. Bay of Plenty region. Western Central region. East Coast region. Central / Wellington region. Tasman / Marlborough region. West Coast region. Canterbury region. Otago / Southland region. Chatham Islands.