Heartland Services

Access to government services and information in your community, and the opportunity to meet face to face with government agency representatives.

Face to face

Government services in your community.

This website provides information for people who live in provincial or rural areas of New Zealand and how they can access government services.

We offer you the opportunity to meet face to face, in your community, with government agency representatives.

Our 28 Service Centres are 'one stop shops' that feature services and information from a range of government organizations including:

  • forms
  • guidelines
  • email and phone facilities
  • and access to government websites.

Your local Heartland Services Co-ordinator can assist you to make appointments and direct you to services that meet your needs.

To find out more about where your nearest centre is, what services it offers and when agencies visit, go to the Services near you page.

To read more about what services are offered in Heartland Services Centres go to the Our Services page.